Isabelle was working in breast cancer research when she had a life-changing epiphany.

What she was trying to achieve was part of a larger, complex system—but she only had mainstream techniques and concepts to help her.

That realization led to a transformative five years, when she immersed herself in learning non-traditional practices in shamanism.

This experience was profound and life-changing for Isabelle. As she learned to track down, face, and heal her deepest wounds, she discovered that she could choose not to be the victim of her past experiences anymore, that she had the power to heal them at their root, and as a result, to steer her life in the direction of the inner peace, love, and joy that she sought. This healing journey provided her with a more holistic understanding of how the human body heals, where she found a deeper connection between science, health and human nature.

This eventually led to her founding Scientive to bridge the gap between the physical (body and matter) and the non-physical (mind, spirit and soul) and to help others through their own healing. Isabelle’s open heartedness and ability to explain the work in simple terms create a safe healing space by instilling confidence and putting you at ease.


Tricya Morrice is a yoga teacher with over 500hrs of training and over two decades of personal practice. She specializes in various types of yoga meant to decrease stress and promote resiliency and offers Thai Yoga Massage as another layer to healing.

Tricya’s background as a military wife has inspired her to specialize in trauma sensitive yoga and she is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation with both active / retired military and first responders.

Tricya believes we all carry a full toolbox of simple yet powerful tools that strengthens our resiliency within the sudden impacts of stressful and traumatic events.

Her warm, open and accessible way of teaching allows her students to embrace the physical and emotional benefits of yoga and take it with them into their everyday lives.


Renee is a Yogini from the heart. She has been working on her personal yoga practice since 2011 and is now a Certified Yoga Instructor. She teaches gentle beginner and intermediate-level group classes as well as one-on-one private sessions, both in studio and outdoor settings located in Newboro, Inverary, Opinicon Road, and Kingston.

For more information, you can contact Renee by email at

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